Why BitDefender is the BEST AntiVirus, AntiMalware and Firewall solution for your business.

How did Cambition find BitDefender?

Primarily due to the massive outbreak of ‘Crypto Locker’ type infections which riddled its way through the NHS, we found ourselves searching for a business class antivirus system that had everything needed to protect computers/laptops and all types of Servers from these malicious threats. We came upon BitDefender, almost by accident. In the past we have used so many different protection packages from AVG to Panda Cloud but found over the years that they just seemed to lack the quality or bogged down the machine so much it was unusable, so when we stumbled upon BitDefender, we tested it, and we’re so glad we did. (“One of the best happy accidents I have had” – Jamie Stuart)

This wonderful piece of software is easy to deploy, works out of the box and each machine can be monitored via a remote web-portal. For any system administrator, this is one seriously cool bit of kit. You can proactively scan computers from the portal, you can set individual policies, you can restrict website access, and you can even stop a person from being able to use their CD drive and other physical hardware in their computer (If you really wanted to be that harsh).


How BitDefender won our ‘Trusted’ badge!

So one of our customers rang us stating that files on their main data-server started being converted into hidden files. When we heard this information, all of our stomachs sunk. We knew this would be a big clean-up job. Luckily our policy is belt and braces meaning we can never have too many backups of customer data. Our concern was more in the fact we had a lot of work to do tracking down the culprit and disabling the threat.

It was safe to say that the current deployed Antivirus clearly was of no use here and it quickly became apparent we needed something a bit more robust – along came BitDefender to save the day. We immediately rolled out the installation to all machines and scanned each one before re-establishing the connection to their data server, thus making sure it was clean before doing so. 40 computers and 2 Servers later they were clean and the threat nullified. It turned out some of the agency workers in the factory had been doing some late night browsing and contracted the virus which spread like wildfire across the network. It’s safe to say these computers have now been locked down when it comes to internet connectivity.

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