I.T. Support

CAMBITION provides efficient and cost effective IT support
to businesses in the Cambridgeshire and East Anglian area

CAMBITION provides efficient IT support to businesses in the Cambridgeshire area. Helping small to medium sized businesses get the specialist support they need, when they need it, for over 10 years.

How can CAMBITION IT Services support your local Cambridgeshire company?

Why have our best IT support services assisted over 250 clients since 2012? How do our accredited IT experts help small businesses? What IT support options are available and do you need them? This article highlights CAMBITION IT support for business services and explains why you should contact us today. Read on to learn about the need for technical assistance in the modern workplace. See how remote support can fix most issues within minutes. And discover how our flexible support plans will fit your budget:


Why the Need for IT Support for Business? How safe is your business data?

A recent HM Government survey found that most UK companies store data about their customers. Yet only 64% have privacy management strategies in place to protect that information. The number of cyber-attacks increased to an all-time high of 219 million records last year. Ransomware incidents have soared since the pandemic. Ensuring security and connectivity at all times is more important than ever. An IT support provider acts as a partner to help safeguard from these issues as well as to fix daily glitches. But a Google search for ‘best IT support’ produces thousands of results. Which provider should you choose?


How to Choose an IT Support Service

What support services do the best providers offer? Here are some examples:

Malicious Threat Protection & Removal
Upgrading Business Applications
Patching Windows & Installing Drivers
Ongoing Security Monitoring

Security should remain at the top of the list but don’t forget about Internet connectivity. For example, CAMBITION can provide your business with 4G and 5G mobile broadband. Additional services like VoIP and fibre leased lines ensure you stay connected 24/7. Having access to a local centre also plays an important part in how to choose an IT support service. Our clients know they’re speaking to a team that understands their concerns as we’re a small business just like them.


CAMBITION IT Support for Business

CAMBITION services include essential support provisions to our clients on an ongoing basis. Our technicians can visit your local premises directly or you can avail of our remote support plans. We also offer telephone and email support along with expert consultation to help shape your digital strategies. The remote support service has become our most valued method of IT support for businesses in the Cambridge area. Our dedicated security tools allow us to work on your computers as if a technician was present. We can fix most issues without having to bother your staff. That has the added advantage of you not having to wait for an engineer to arrive. The end result is less downtime and increased productivity.


Flexible Options

Concerned about costs? There’s no need as we offer several flexible support options to suit every business. Our monthly IT support package includes remote support, phone and email support, and consultation. You can also avail of an on-site visit if required. This can be charged on an ad-hoc basis or as part of your contract. The choice is yours.


Best IT Support With CAMBITION Services

CAMBITION IT support for business packages provide ease of mind and let you concentrate on running your company. There’s no expense of hiring an internal technology team. Outsourcing to a dedicated partner gives you access to the latest security tools. Finally, if and when issues arise, the expert CAMBITION technicians can solve them remotely. Contact us today to discover how CAMBITION can benefit you and your business.

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