Hosted Servers

Key Benefits

Business flexibility (Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection)

Cost Efficiency (No capital expenditure. Only pay for what you need)

Growth (Expandable service and hardware to meet needs)

Scalability (Increase user count without any challenges)

Manageability (Managed and supported by an external company, for peace of mind)

A hosted desktop is essentially just like a normal desktop PC, except that all applications and data is stored on virtual private server in the cloud. One can access and use this PC through an internet connection from anywhere anytime. This reduces the need for expensive hardware and maintenance. Hosted desktops also allow for greater remote working capabilities since employees can have access to a powerful machine at all times. This is great for those that use high performance software and programs.

You can access and use this PC through an internet connection from anywhere. Hosted desktop significantly lowers capital expenditure and allows for more flexible working. Utilising a remote service for day to day working for employees can save businesses on capital expenditure as well as time. All these services can be used from anywhere with an internet connection, which in turn makes businesses more productive. Working from a hosted desktop saves the need for a big bulky/powerful PC, allowing the business to buy just a bare minimum spec machine, then connecting that machine to a cloud environment thus using the resources of the data-centre rather than the local device. This can be a clever and powerful way of getting the processing required at a low cost.

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