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Project details

  • Product: Wireless Connectivity
  • Summary: Installation, configuration and maintenance of wireless infrastructure and devices
  • Benefits:
  • : Freedom of connectivity
  • : Mobility
  • : BYOD (Bring your own device (Mobiles, tablets and laptops)
  • : Multi SSID configuration
  • : Cost effective connectivity
  • : Connectivity speeds

PRODUCT: Wireless Connectivity

SUMMARY: Installation, configuration and maintenance of wireless infrastructure and devices


Freedom of connectivity


BYOD (Bring your own device (Mobiles, tablets and laptops)

Multi SSID configuration

Cost effective connectivity

Connectivity speeds

Wireless is an ever-growing technology, and at CAMBITION we are constantly researching into new and innovative technologies to stay ahead of the game. Our experience with Wireless from the early days has given us a great insight and understanding of its efficiencies and inefficiencies, in certain circumstances.

Challenges with business networks occur daily, and as such proper planning and understanding of topologies is required. CAMBITION’s experienced and knowledgeable team can assist with making sure every business has a fit for purpose network infrastructure and configuration.

At CAMBITION we supply and install wireless networks, deploying access points, routers, repeaters and more, using WiFi and LiFi technologies.

Drop us a message below with your wireless requirements or give us a call today and see how wireless technology can benefit and improve your business – 01223 656156

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