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PRODUCT: Website Hosting Agreements

SUMMARY: The process of securely hosting a website and it’s affiliated database content, as to ensure that the website is functioning optimally.


Ongoing Website Maintenance

‘Front End’ and ‘Back End’ Maintenance

Contract Based Service

UK Based Hosting Service

Website Security

CAMBITION can tailor a secure and supported Website Hosting Agreement Service to your needs. CAMBITION utilise UK Based Hosting Platforms that are chosen for their security features and quality of service, as to ensure that your website is online 24/7 and functioning optimally.

Our hosting agreements can be tailored to specific website developments, however our standardised packages are just three;

1) Static website hosting
2) Dynamic website hosting (Any website with a content management system)
3) E-commerce website hosting

CAMBITION’s dedicated hosting platform is continually being upgraded to keep up to date with new and evolving languages. It has been specifically built for large scale developments and e-commerce style websites, thus it is exceptionally capable for hosting all level of web based sites and applications.

Though the technologies and terminologies can be bewildering, CAMBITION have the experience and expertise to help you to achieve ambition. We are currently working with over 90 businesses throughout the UK and would like to offer you a FREE 60 Website Consultation to address needs and add value to your business or concept. Simply Contact us today to begin the introduction.