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Product: Cloud based Hosted Servers

Summary: Utilising the power of Cloud for your Central storage or Hybrid Platfrom


Business flexibility (Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection)

Cost Efficiency (No capital expenditure. Only pay for what you need)

Growth (Expandable service and hardware to meet needs)

Security (Permission based access on a secure platform)

Customisation (specification can be easily adapted for minimal cost)

Scalability (Increase user count without any challenges)

Manageability (Managed and supported by an external company, for peace of mid)

Cloud server infrastructure is a vast growing service which businesses are only just starting to capitalise on. It can save companies a great deal of time and money moving to visualised environments.

CAMBITION with its trusted cloud partner have the infrastructure and knowledge required to build companies their own cloud IT platform. No matter the requirement, we have the ability to design the environment, configure, install and deploy an entire cloud platform solution for your business.

Whether this be a full hybrid solutions linking an onsite server to a cloud or a massive virtual network and domain environment, we can deliver.

Some of standardised solution’s for cloud business deployments can be found below:

Hosted Servers
Remote DNS
Terminal Services
Remote management portals
Hybrid Cloud environments

Drop us a message below with your cloud server requirements or give us a call today to see how CAMBITION’s Hosted Server solutions could work for you and your business – 01223 656156

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