Email Security Smart Filtering

Product: Email and Security

Summary: Protection from Malicious bodies


Protection from malicious code

Malicious attachments quarantine

Removal of unwanted

SPAM Blacklist/Whitelisting

Managed service


IT risk mitigation


CAMBITION offer a spam filter addon to our hosted Microsoft Exchange mailbox solution as well as our Microsoft 365 Business Premium (and above) service which keeps spam and potential malware from reaching your mailbox. This ideal anti-spam platform captures spam emails before they even make your mailbox.

It’s goal is to ensure your privacy and block 99 percent of the emails you do not want to receive. Spammers are always inventing new techniques to trick the filters, as such its very wise in the current digital age to have as much protection as possible.

In addition, CAMBITION will procure and set up web content filters for various communication devices, this is to protect employees from harmful websites that can potentially infect company systems with malware.

In some cases, we make recommendations of preferred filtering options based upon a businesses security flaws and implement corrective measures. This works well for businesses that have HR policies in place for web content.

Drop us a message below with your requirements or give CAMBITION a call today to see how our security solutions can benefit you and your business – 01223 656156

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