Network Security

Network security, or just security in IT as a whole, is becoming more and more critical to businesses. For this exact reason, we at Cambition have a whole host of software and expertise at hand to deal with most IT and network security challenges.

Security is extremely important for any business and ensuring that you have the right security systems in place is crucial. At Cambition we have the knowledge and experience to determine the best network security solution for your business and implement it.

Key Benefits


The benefits to Security include:

  • Data Encryption
  • Active Security
  • Network Stability
  • Deployment and consultation on Anti-virus, Anti-malware and Firewall
  • Implementation of secure VPN solutions for businesses

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These services range from:



Implementation of secure VPN solutions for businesses– this allows the secure remote transfer of data between different physical sites. It is also a must for businesses transferring high level/confidential information which is kept behind security firewalls. Accessing this data must be secure and wrapped in various VPN security encryption.



Set up and implementation of web content filters for various devices –  This is to protect employees from harmful websites that can potentially infect company systems with malware. In some cases, we make recommendations of preferred filtering options based upon a businesses security flaws and implement corrective measures. This works well for businesses that have HR policies in place for web content.



Deployment and consultation on Anti-virus, Anti-malware and Firewall – These days not having a protection on a business machine is just asking for trouble. At CAMBITION we can advise on best practises as well as managing advanced security procedures for your business. We also recommend using a powerful software program like BitDefender to protect your Network, computers and Servers.



Data transfer encryption – deployments ranging from secure cloud based backup solutions, to secure data migrations, we have the capability and resources to actively make sure that all data is safe. This also includes the ability for SSL and SSH data packet transfers.

CAMBITION function as our Pseudo IT department…but friendlier and more responsive (LOL). They’re just an email or phone call away and the solution is installed or the problem fixed. Since starting with CAMBITION they have streamlined our internal network, fixed our Server challenges and put Winplus on a great platform for our business to progress. CAMBITION are great value all round
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