Configuring hardware with your existing systems and getting it ready for work is another time consuming process in itself. Cambition configures and completes the setup for you. This ensures that when you receive your new hardware, everything is set up correctly and is ready to start work from the get go. A plug-and-play solution to new hardware.


We deal with the setup, transfer of data and transfer of programs/licenses so that you do not have to. Saves time and avoids costly data loss mistakes.

Key Benefits


The benefits to Configure include:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Cost effective
  • Reliable and efficient service
  • Assurance that hardware has been correctly setup
  • Plug and play, saving you time

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CAMBITION function as our Pseudo IT department…but friendlier and more responsive (LOL). They’re just an email or phone call away and the solution is installed or the problem fixed. Since starting with CAMBITION they have streamlined our internal network, fixed our Server challenges and put Winplus on a great platform for our business to progress. CAMBITION are great value all round
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Winplus Europe
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