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Remote apps are a basic deployment of a software which can be accessed from any location with an internet and in a very swift way.

Key Benefits


The benefits to Remote Apps include:


  • Business flexibility (Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection).
  • Cost Efficiency (No capital expenditure. Only pay for what you need).
  • Growth (Expandable service and hardware to meet needs).
  • Scalability (Increase user count without any challenges).
  • Manageability (Managed and supported by an external company, for peace of mind).

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A good example is deploying Sage in a cloud environment whereby multiple users can connect in and utilise the software at the same time. This means of deploying a software program to multiple users from a single source is a very cost effective and efficient way of collaborating together from a multitude of locations.



Most software programs that can be installed on a computer can be setup as a Remote-App and utilised by many users at the same time. This is exceptionally beneficial for data consistency, licensing and centralised storage.




Client Testimonial

Winplus Europe

CAMBITION function as our Pseudo IT department…but friendlier and more responsive (LOL). They’re just an email or phone call away and the solution is installed or the problem fixed.

Since starting with CAMBITION they have streamlined our internal network, fixed our Server challenges and put Winplus on a great platform for our business to progress. CAMBITION are great value all round

- CEO Winplus Europe
Winplus Europe