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The cloud is THE best solution when it comes to backup and data in the digital age. Cloud backup solutions ensure a safe, reliable and cost effective solution to your business’ backup requirements. 


Key Benefits


The benefits to Data and Backup include:


  • Business class data backup (Including full metal).
  • All backed up data held in the UK.
  • No need to physically change the backup drive.
  • Cloud-based management console.
  • Multi-machine backup to the central data pool.

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Our cloud backup solution allows for a business class data backup service that can be schedules for various types of backup such as incremental and bare metal. Incremental backup is when the new backup only contains copies of files that have been modified since the last backup. In contrast, bare metal backups where the data is in its full form and allows a computer to be restored from bare metal.


We use UK data centres to hold all backup data, meaning your business data will be stored in a secure and GDPR compliant environment. You have the ability to feed data from multiple sources for it all be stored in the central data pool as well as control and manage the backups through a cloud-based management console. 


A highly customisable configuration also means that data can be easily restored through the very effective and user-friendly system. You can do a full data restoration as well as a granular approach where individual files are restored. 


With Cambition you can be sure that your data and backup is being handled in a professional and compliant manner. We understand the importance of data in today’s world and Security is always our main priority.

Client Testimonial

Winplus Europe

CAMBITION function as our Pseudo IT department…but friendlier and more responsive (LOL). They’re just an email or phone call away and the solution is installed or the problem fixed.

Since starting with CAMBITION they have streamlined our internal network, fixed our Server challenges and put Winplus on a great platform for our business to progress. CAMBITION are great value all round

- CEO Winplus Europe
Winplus Europe