Introducing the new Lighting Sensations website by CAMBITION

About the client
Lighting Sensations are one of the most established interior and exterior lighting specialists in the south east of England. They operate a successful procurement, retail and installation business with a comprehensive showroom facility exhibiting hundreds of the latest lighting solutions technologies (including BIO-light).

What were the needs of the client?
CAMBITION were specifically approached to enhance the Lighting Sensations website, as the pre-existing online experience wasn’t correctly showcasing the many unique selling points that the business has to offer. A ‘wow’ factor was required for the new website, as the Lighting Sensations clientele is from ‘middle-market’ to large scale premium procurement and installation. Furthermore, the new website had to be SEO compliant, hosted on with an SSL Certificate and Mobile Responsive, as is now a mandatory requirement for all website work.

How did CAMBITION help?
Initial meetings were held with the client by CAMBITION, as to gain a better feeling for the website development challenge and the aspirations of the business into the next five years and beyond. A website design and theme was selected by the client (with the support of CAMBITION) and the pre-existing website content was ‘mapped’ out so that all was in position to begin the coding process. CAMBITION carefully optimised all supplied images (for the benefit of mobile browsing) and enhanced the website text so to be stronger for SEO and brand consistency purposes. Additional website effects and transitions were added to the new website to provide the ‘wow’ factor that was required, with many effects functioning equally as well on mobile. Once the final content had been coded, it was time to review the website (hosted on the CAMBITION test server) with the client. When approved, CAMBITION securely and painlessly launched the new website on the live server.

What is the outcome?
The staff at Lighting Sensations are elated with their new website, as they can already see the benefits of the enhancements in their sales and marketing approach. Indeed the new website is designed to last, with the integrated Content Management System allowing the client to make continuous changes and add more Case Studies content, which will in turn strengthen their online visibility and SEO value.

Visit the Lighting Sensations website here:

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