DIVVIED – The future of business cloud data. Cloud-NAS (SaaS)

  • August 17, 2017


Once upon a time data was stored on a Server or PC, these days this ‘old school’ method is just cumbersome and costly to people and businesses – I mean, who wants to remember to backup their own data or worry about replacing a disk drive every few years? Efficiency has well and truly set in and we are left in a world always looking to be faster, better and cheaper. Cloud Storage is the pinnacle of this vision for the Internet. Storing business data away from your site and actively accessing this information daily is efficient and saves money on capital expenditure. This method is the ‘out of site out of mind’ (literally) scenario which many businesses are running, where you use DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive or another cloud service to store your most important information, and where that data is held is usually not a concern as long as it just works, right? I think we are all guilty of this in some way shape or form – I personally blame technology as a whole for people becoming more complacent.

A few years ago I was searching for a solution to a challenge. This challenge would set me on a path of dead-ends full of trial and error. It was, however, fortunate that one of our customers was willing to be a guinea-pig which enabled me search for a solution to their particular challenge with no time frames (very lucky!) This challenge was one of a cloud based platform which could not only store data remotely, but sync a physical onsite server too, and map a network drive to each remote users computer which then synced to the on-site server. It also had to allow for offline files and be a disaster recovery service too – as you can imagine, it was challenging to find such a hybrid service.

My first stop was to try SharePoint – over all, it was a great product, but wasn’t quite the overall package. It only really failed on the mapping of a stable network drive. So I then began looking for services similar to SharePoint but without all the heavy licensing.

My second stop was a another open source project called AjaxExplorer – again, really impressive platform, easy to use and we could re-brand it ourselves – this became a service offering by CAMBITION for a while which we renamed CamCloud (see what we did here??), it worked well but was buggy and lacked support, this again was another failure.

My third stop was an open source cloud service called OwnCloud – I actually really enjoyed the software and how it operated, and adopted it as an internal mechanism for CAMBITION. However, this system was again unable to fit the bill, it too failed on the mapped network drive challenge.

It was here that my internet trawling stopped and I figured that maybe the world just hadn’t created a cloud solution like it yet, thus pushing me back to VPN. It was about 12 months later I received a call from one of our suppliers informing me of this new platform they were looking to sell and would I be interested in testing it, this of course was a no brainer. In their wisdom they decided to call it DIVVIED, I thought it was a terrible name but the overall premise of the software sounded perfect. It took a while to integrate the platform to our clients’ network and servers and a good week or so to sync their terabytes of data between the site and the cloud, but after 3 months of tweaks and changes, the software was on point. Our customer finally had a fully integrated hybrid cloud service which took their on-site data and synchronised it in real time with the cloud. It then enabled all the home users and project managers to access this data from the cloud using a mapped network drive which auto logs in on boot up. Once these users have opened a Word or Excel document from their desktop and then edit and save it, these changes are then immediately transferred to the cloud which then syncs it to their site – SEAMLESS!

DIVVIED works great for small teams and large businesses alike. It retains all data for a 30 day retention period and has a 10 day version control per file, thus working as their disaster recovery mechanism too. I honestly have not found a better system on the market for this type of cloud based use. This is such a good platform that we have adopted the service internally and it now functions as our main company file server.

We as a company have really got behind this service and if you would like to know more about it, please do drop us a message or give one of our team a call to find out more.

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