hoopla hr

CAMBITION were specifically approached to develop, in conjunction with a board of investors, a new and appealing business concept, offering a unique and exciting selling proposition, to enter and captivate an already highly competitive Human Resources marketplace.

Furthermore, a database driven, comprehensive and fully autonomous, secure and fully encrypted, online human resources management system application was needed for the business, as to facilitate online service access for the clients of hoopla hr.

The initial architecture and User Interface design was developed, with the complex coding occurring with incremental client feedback and testing. The result is a unique and optimised system that works for hoopla hr and the many clients of the system.

After five years of trading, the brand, its targeted products and services, ably supported by its marketing materials, are now truly established within the human resources market place, with the sterling reputation of hoopla hr continuing to grow and the business achieving referral commerce.

Below a summary of the services provided to hoopla hr by CAMBITION –

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Business Guidance with Market Research
  3. Business Launch Consultation
  4. Brand Creation Development
  5. Website Design & Development
  6. Website Applications Development
  7. Remote Website Support, Maintenance & Hosting

CAMBITION assisted me with every aspect of my business guidance challenge when creating hoopla hr. They clearly understood my needs and helped me target my business concept with robust and effective guidance that has truly enabled the launch of my new business, in the best possible way. I am elated with CAMBITION’s intuitive, professional and…