ETS Group

Service Offering Overview:

  • BitDefender
  • CamCloud Hybrid Cloud and Disaster recovery platform
  • Cloud Backup Solution
  • Email Services
  • Network Cabling Infrastructure
  • PC/Laptop and Server procurement
  • Remote I.T. Support
  • VoIP Telecoms

ETS/SPL Group Case Study

The IT infrastructure for an expanding business is critical to the quality and efficiency of output. ETS/SPL appreciated this challenge and approached CAMBITION to address the needs of an agile infrastructure and support service.

Hardware, software, cloud, hosting and bespoke industry-specific solutions (Such as CamCloud) have been put into place by the CAMBITION team. With 24/7, 365 support service available to ETS/SPL if and when they need strategic or tactical assistance. This in actuality has directly contributed to the growth of their business, indeed now the team has doubled in size with revenues starting from £500k in 2013 to over £10m at present.

CAMBITION have acted quickly to ‘future proof’ the systems used by ETS/SPL to enable growth and regularly consult with the managing director to address further infrastructural needs.


The Solution

The cloud infrastructure CAMBITION has deployed for ETS/SPL was one of the largest challenges but has made the biggest difference to their efficiency. Deploying CamCloud in such a way that the On-site Server directly synchronises its data to and from the CamCloud platform enabling a fully hybrid solution and business methodology. CamCloud allows for a cloud-based mapped drive to be connected to each client computer.


How Camcloud Transformed the business

Thanks to CamCloud, employees at ETS/SPL are able to gain access on the move to all the data they would normally have in the office, but not only that, they can open, edit and save documents which then pushes this data directly to the cloud which then synchronises in real-time to the on-site server. This business critical service has not only boosted productivity but also revolutionised their company to the extent of doing away with old hat VPN connections for a more stable, robust and efficient means of holding and collaborating on data.


Complete list of services supplied by Cambition

  1. Email Services
  2. Cloud Backup Solution
  3. CamCloud Hybrid Cloud and Disaster recovery platform
  4. Onsite/Remote IT Support
  5. VoIP Telecoms
  6. PC/Laptop and Server procurement
  7. BitDefender antivirus solution
  8. Network and Server Infrastructure


CAMBITION has strategically assisted ETS/SPL with their growth over the last 5 years, with tactical IT infrastructural deliveries, enabling ETS/SPL to focus on the quality of service and efficiency of the business. Our working relationship will continue to grow as ETS/SPL explore international business pursuits.



Client Testimonial


The CAMBITION team are essentially an extension of my in-house employees, pro-actively assisting with technical problems and acting as the ‘go-to’ solution in cases of IT issues.Also CAMBITION offer a 24/7 365 approach to support, meaning that ETS can efficiently and effectively expand our business into new and exciting directions, safe in the knowledge that we are holistically supported by a trusted partner.


I would have no hesitation in recommending CAMBITION, So We are elated with their services and look forward to continuing our long term relationship with them in the future.

- Managing Director
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