The Aircraft Restoration Company

Services utilised:

  • Remote I.T. Support
  • VoIP Telecoms
  • MS Office 360
  • Network Cabling Infrastructure

About the client

The Aircraft Restoration Company (ARC) are leading specialists in aeronautical engineering and are based at Duxford Airfield, Cambridgeshire (UK). The ARC provide a range of aviation services, including restorations for museums, collections and private owners.

What was the I.T. challenge?

The ARC were contracted to a pre-existing I.T. services company who had, until recently, provided I.T. support to the ARC for a number of years. Things ran smoothly at first when they helped the ARC set up all of their I.T. systems. However, over time, problems began to arise. When there were technical issues, the I.T. company in question were generally slow to respond.

What were the I.T. issues?

The recommended VoIP telephone system the particular I.T. company installed was problematic from the outset. Phones weren’t set up properly, not programmed correctly and there were issues with dropped calls. There were delays getting hold of the third party phone provider because messages were not being passed onto them.

Training to use the phone system was inadequate. When all employee computing systems were updated with MS Office 10, the staff at the ARC were not fully instructed in how to use it correctly.

What impact did this have?

The ongoing I.T. issues caused great disruption to the operational running of the ARC. When called upon to help, the pre-existing I.T. company frequently missed appointments and ignored messages from their call handling providers. Finally, and with great disappointment and frustration, the ARC decided to end the relationship with the pre-existing I.T. company after losing trust in the efficacy of the support and confidence in the service provided.

How did CAMBITION help?

As the I.T. issues at the ARC were becoming unmanageable, CAMBITION were contacted to offer help. At the initial meeting, Jamie reassured the ARC of CAMBITION’s knowledge, expertise and customer service. Shortly after, CAMBITION become the new specialist I.T. services provider to the ARC.

What has changed?

The ARC staff are happy with CAMBITION’s service and appreciate how proactive CAMBITION are in dealing with queries and issues. Previous MS Office 10 issues were completed swiftly and the move to Office 365 to aid communications has been welcomed by everyone including the Managing Director. A new, more reliable VoIP telephone system is planned with full training and its own dedicated broadband line, so there will be no more dropped calls.

CAMBITION’s superior knowledge and empathetic customer service are noticeably different. The ARC employees have commented on how refreshing it is to work with an I.T. company that knows exactly what to do in a given situation. The ARC are considering moving to the cloud for all their data storage, as it will be more secure and cheaper than their current solution. When describing CAMBITION, the ARC staff use words like: “excellent”, “proactive”, “friendly”, “transparent” and “competitive” (regarding their pricing structures).