Superior Surfaces

Services utilised:

  • Remote I.T. Support
  • VoIP Telecoms
  • Network Cabling Infrastructure
  • Brand Creation & Online Marketing
  • MS Office 360

Superior Surfaces have their offices and warehouse based in Huntingdon for which they needed a monthly IT support package.
They came to us with the need for ongoing IT support to ensure that their computers, laptops and other office machines were
always up to speed.

As part of our FREE CONSULTATION, we conducted an onsite visit of the Superior surfaces premises. During the visit, we
uncovered multiple other systems and services for which CAMBITION could not only save them money on but also increase
their efficiency.

The Solutions

Microsoft Office 365

One of the first problems that CAMBITION resolved for Superior Surfaces was their Email solution and Microsoft Office
licensing. Superior Surfaces was making use of a hosted exchange server for their email needs as well as a Microsoft office
suite license. This means that they had two separate service subscription from separate vendors. We offered our Microsoft
Office 365 service as the solution. The Office 365 solution grants access to the full office processing suite (Word, Excel, Outlook
etc.) all under invoice. This solution increases efficiency and cuts costs. We were able to save Superior Surfaces 18% on email
and Microsoft Office subscription services as well as making their system more efficient. As part of our offering, we also offer
lifetime upgrades and support for any forgotten passwords, lost emails etc.

Network Cabling Infrastructure

Superior Surfaces wanted to kit out their new office with all new network cabling and network ports. We assessed their needs
and came up with the perfect networking solution for them. We installed all new RJ45, Cat 5 and Cat 6 cabling throughout their
offices as well as installing and terminating network ports on all workstations. The result of this upgrade was that there was
enough capacity to handle their IT infrastructure without any slowdowns, crashes or problems.

Wireless deployment

Superior Surfaced required a strong and reliable wireless connection in their warehouse. Along with the network cabling, we
also installed wireless access points in strategic areas to ensure that they had strong connectivity throughout the warehouse.

VoIP Telecoms

As part of their new IT infrastructure, we assessed their telecommunication systems, only to find that we could provide a better
system and service. At a lower cost. Superior Surfaces moved their VoIP over to CAMBITION’s VoIP telecoms service and in the
process saved 28% on their monthly bills.

Remote IT support

Superior Surfaces now benefits from a remote IT support plan which gives them access to our technical support team as well
as troubleshooting and problem solving there and then. The best thing about remote IT support is that we can log into their
computers and fix the issues as soon as we get their call. There is no delay, waiting for an appointment. Our technicians can fix
a problem there and then without causing any additional delays or inconvenience to the Superior Surfaces team. It allows for
increased productivity and ensures business continuity.

Overall Result

Through these services and solutions, we were able to save Superior Services on their monthly bills as well as time and
increase efficiency. Superior services now only deal with CAMBITION for any issues or queries related to IT services. They do
not have to deal with 5 different vendors for any issues or questions that they have. Everything is centrally managed by our
team and any issues are dealt with instantly.