BrOOK’s Pinner

Services utilised:

  • Antivirus software
  • Bespoke WordPress Website Development
  • Brand Creation & Online Marketing
  • Broadband
  • CMS
  • Email Services
  • Printed Marketing Material Development
  • SEO

BrOOK’S Pinner (trading as BrOOK’s) are a new, unique and innovative bookshop, located in Pinner (North West London). Opened in 2018, the owners converted a derelict high-street bank (including vault) into a specialist venue, featuring a café, wine cellar and multi-department book shop. CAMBITION were approached to assist with a brand creation strategy, following through to include marketing materials and online presence. Furthermore, CAMBITION are the email and website hosting supplier to BrOOK’S, ensuring that their online presence is maintained at all times.

What were the branding challenges?

As the name ‘Brooks’ is that of the client’s surname, combined with the fact that there are already two sizable and established brands with the same name, the challenge was to generate a distinctive visual style that would become a recognisable and beloved new brand.

Research was undertaken to identify the particular demographical audiences that the future business of BrOOK’s would target, with respect to the theme of the bookshop and the unique heritage of the converted bank on the high-street of Pinner. Three initial branding proposals were created to gain client and ‘general’ feedback from the target audiences, with one proposal being refined to completion. Furthermore, great care was invested to decide upon the correct ‘identity’ colour of the brand, a colour that would become the dominant theme of the bookshop renovation project design.

CAMBITION worked carefully with external shop photography to generate compelling visuals of the new brand in situ, convincing the client that the research and brand styling would not only attract their target audience but would become a lasting and recognisable brand on the high-street of Pinner.

What impact did this have?

Once the renovation of the bookshop had been completed, the final task was to add the chosen brand colouring and logotype to the shop front and selected interior spaces. A professional photographer was utilized to capture the essence of the new bookshop. CAMBITION then developed an SEO compliant and mobile responsive website (based on WordPress with Content Management System compatibility) to launch simultaneously with the grand opening of the bookshop. Furthermore, CAMBITION oversaw the design and print of the paper-based marketing materials, as to assist with the launch of the business.

The initial and medium-term impact was strong. Many new clients of the bookshop commented on the styling of the brand and how the made an instant connection to the services experienced. In the subsequent 18 months since the bookshop opened, the logotype has become instantly recognisable on the high-street of Pinner and online, with the business owners working hard to promote the cause of an independent bookshop within British media (Sky News and the Guardian), assisting the visibility of the new brand.

The client is clearly very happy with the services provided as CAMBITION are the go-to supplier for IT, email and Online support, continuing the business relationship now for over 2 years.