Cambition SME Support Package

Quick, efficient and affordable IT assistance for SME’s, tailored specifically to your business’ needs.

As an Information Technology Services specialist, based in Cambridge, UK, CAMBITION understand that businesses of all sizes often require urgent, reactive and comprehensive IT support, as to ensure that their operations run efficiently and profitably.

The CAMBITION team of expert IT technicians are available to provide daily support, answer questions and pro-actively assist, or in a critical moment when your business needs emergency IT intervention, endeavour to resolve issues rapidly and cost-effectively. Therefore, CAMBITION offer a simple, flat-fee (per device), per server, per month SME Support Package, with unlimited remote support included*.

With the CAMBITION SME Support Package, you and your employees have the flexibility to engage with our holistic, solutions-centric services on a case-by-case basis, utilising our unique ticketing system (The ‘Portal’), offering you complete clarity over internal support issues as well as service challenges. CAMBITION offer both remote and on-

site support, depending on the nature and severity of the issue(s). In fact many of our current clients think of the CAMBITION Support Team members as an extension of their own company employees.

The CAMBITION Technicians are highly skilled and experienced in resolving a wide range of IT issues. They harness the latest tools and technologies to ensure that your IT infrastructure is operating optimally, safeguarding against down-time and on-boarding new end-users as efficiently as possible.

In summary, the CAMBITION SME IT Support Package, with a choice of customisable service level settings (depending on the needs of your business), provides quick and efficient assistance for unforeseen IT issues. Contact the CAMBITION team today to learn more about how the CAMBITION SME IT Support Package can benefit your business.

*Terms & Conditions Apply – Contact CAMBITION for more details.

Trusted IT SME Support

CAMBITION’s client trust our support and can therefore focus on building their business.

Scalable & Customisable

Each SME’s Support Package is unique to them. CAMBITION tailor the service based on needs.

Affordable & Highly Effective

CAMBITION work with SME’s to ensure that our support is affordable.