Cambition is now a business Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Fast, Reliable & Secure – 80Mbps Fibre Optic Broadband.

It was advised, after a detailed consultation procedure, that a CAMBITION client utilise a CAMBITION affiliated internet service provider, as the client had just moved into brand new premises and needed a specialised internet service for very particular business needs.

The request to CAMBITION was that of the need for stronger and more stable internet connection with faster upload (20Mbps) and download (80Mbps) times, utilising the latest in Fibre Optic Technology. The client wanted to be as secure as possible, therefore CAMBITION advised a specialist security service in addition to the standard connection.

CAMBITION undertook the procurement of hardware, completed the physical installation of cables and modems, managed the affiliated internet service initial connection, tested all devices and connectivity, all within a convenient and non-invasive installation phase, which impacted the client as little as possible.

Furthermore, the CAMBITION affiliated service is more competitively priced than that of BT.

The client has now been using their service for the past month and are very pleased with the price, connectivity and outcome of the consultation. Another happy CAMBITION client.

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