An Ingenious solution to cutting costs and making your business more efficient by Cambition.

In a volatile business environment, keeping your business costs to a minimum is essential. Creating a lean model for your business where efficiency is the number one priority is the key to success. One of the most inefficient areas of a business can sometimes be the IT systems.

IT is a fast moving industry with new solutions and products coming out every day, but this does not mean that you need to change your IT infrastructure every day. You just need to choose the right one for you.


Some business will choose to have an in-house IT technician, others will choose to outsource their IT department to companies such as Cambition, which are both great options. However, too many businesses are choosing to the third risky option which is to not have an IT department altogether. Not only is this very risky in the case of an IT systems crash but it also leads to high costs and inefficiency.

Let’s take a simple scenario into consideration.

Company ‘X’ has 15 employees in their office, each one using a high spec desktop powerful enough to run their complex software. Not only are these high spec machines incredibly expensive they are also prone to overheating and therefore regular maintenance must be carried out to ensure a long life for these machines.

In the event of something going wrong with one of the machines, all the data stored on there as well as applications and software could be lost forever, as well as an employee who no longer has a computer to work from until a new one has been arranged.

All this equates to cost and inefficiency. If you want to find out more about how the correct use of technology is vital to business success, here is a great article.



The answer is a hosted desktop solution. A hosted desktop is one of the many cloud-basedsolutions that Cambition offers. A hosted desktop is a ‘desktop’ which is hosted, run and supported on a central location that you can access and operate over the internet.

A hosted desktop gives you the same functionalities as a physical desktop. It can host an operating system, applications, data and any other configurations as a normal desktop would.

Utilising a remote service for day to day working for employees can save Company ‘X’ on capital expenditure as well as time. All these services can be used from anywhere with an internet connection, which in turn makes the business more productive.

Working from a hosted desktop saves the need for a big bulky/powerful PC, allowing the business to buy just a bare minimum spec machine, then connecting that machine to a cloud environment thus using the resources of the data centre rather than the local device.

Not only does a hosted desktop service increase efficiency, but it also increases data security, flexibility and scalability for your business allowing you to increase user count without any challenges.

Find out more about our hosted desktop service you can also contact one of our experts to see how Cambition can increase your business efficiency and productivity. 



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