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UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are both widely referenced, often confused, though critical aspects of Website and Application design and implementation. See the explanation for each below and learn more about their respective importance to functional and successful Website and Application creation:



User Interface (UI) Design



The User Interface (UI) is the visual layout of Website or Application ‘pages’ on a given platform (either a Computer, Laptop,Mobile Phone or Tablet screen). It consists of the text the User reads (and in which hierarchy), the images or moving images the User sees, the entry fields or other points of input the User can populate with information and the Calls to Action or ‘Buttons’ that the User interacts with. Furthermore, the User Interface Design also includes how pages transition from one to the next, how different alerts may move or animate on the page and where ‘Special FX’ can be coded to enhance the importance of specified visual design elements. The overall UI Design must also comply with strict Website accessibility guidelines, that ensure there are no barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to, Websites or Applications by people with physical disabilities and considerations of restrictions on bandwidth and internet speeds (Mobile).


Finally, the Ui Design is an expression of a particular Brand (or Business name). Therefore the visual styling of Website or Application pages must follow the clearly specified Corporate Brand Guidelines as approved by the original designer of the respective Brand.


CAMBITION have a team of skilled and experienced designers who specialise in creating Website and Application User
Interface designs that succeed in communicating critical information, engaging User interaction and bolstering the Brand expression of our loyal client base.




User Experience (UX) Design



User Experience Design (UX) is the strategically considered ‘Route’ that a User will take when interacting with a Website or Application, including the overall experience (positive or negative) of such an interaction. The first critical consideration is the arrangement of content and in which order it appears (‘Content Map’) within the entire Website or Application (including the grouping of pages and actual page content). The second consideration is given to the User ‘exploring’ the pages, ensuring that the user is never ‘lost’ and can rapidly and freely move from page to page. The third consideration is given to various Users’ needs when exploring a Website or Application, making sure that they are not frustrated by not being able to engage with any particular content or action that is intended. Finally, the User Experience must be exciting or ‘Cutting Edge’ to the point that the User may recommend the design and experience to other potential Users (or business opportunities).


CAMBITION have a team of skilled and experienced designers who specialise in creating Website and Application User
Experience designs that succeed in surpassing User expectations and harmonising with User Interface Design


Key Benefits


The benefits to Ui/Ux Design include:

  • Build brand recognition
  • Improves the overall customer experience
  • Encourages brand loyalty
  • Prepares your business for the future
  • Gain a competitive edge over your competition

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